ICSU Technology Mission

It is the mission of ICSU to utilize technology to enhance the learning process. We are committed to preparing our community of learners to exhibit a Biblical worldview as responsible citizens, maximize productivity, advance communication, promote critical thinking, and foster collaboration by integrating technology.  We know that education, being the pursuit of truth, is provided in the context that Jesus Christ is the absolute Truth.


International Christian School Uijeongbu (ICSU) is delighted to provide our students and faculty the technology tools to support the school’s mission.

International Christian School Uijeongbu


Computer Network\ Campus Wide WiFi

To support the school’s mission, the ‍‍‍network infrastructure at IC‍‍‍SU has high capacity cables that will support 10 gigabits of data a second, Cisco networking equipment, the global leader in Internet networks, and Cisco wireless access points. With the combination of higher capacity cables, top-grade networking equipment, campus-wide WiFi connected to a fast broadband connection, the school is capable of providing faculty and students all the resources they need, quickly and reliably.

1:1 Chromebook Laptops & Apple iPads

To aid our students with learning and being good digital citizens, ICSU has provided its students with a secure, Internet connected Chromebook laptop for its 1-to-1 computer initiative (1-to-1 means each student has access to their own computing device for learning). Students in Elementary have a classroom‍‍‍ set of Chromebooks & some have Apple iPad sets. While students in middle & high school have their own Chromebooks with the option to take their devices home each night. Since the introduction of these learning tools teachers and students are changing how they learn together in and out of the classroom.‍‍‍

Classroom Technology

In every classroom there is fast stable wired and wireless access to the internet, Interactive Whiteboard, audio speakers, and a bright digital projector. The projector allows for devices like Apple TV, Google Chromecast, and the Aries Pro to wirelessly project device screens. So now teachers and students are able to broadcast their screens for all to observe, which changes the way they share and learn.

Faculty and students utilize Google Suite for Education, Schoology, PowerSchool and other web services to integrate technology in‍‍‍to the curriculum.

Technology Labs

In addition to our 1:1 Chromebook program, students have access to our Design Lab of Apple iMac computers, a 3D printer, and Sphero SPRK+ robots; an Apple iPad mobile lab, an Art/Yearbook Lab with Microsoft Windows computers running Adobe InDesign and Artrage, and an Library Media Center with Apple iMac computers.‍‍‍‍‍‍

Future Plans

ICSU strives to improve the integration of technology into the curriculum in order to prepare students for their academic, career, and personal life. To support our students, subjects in digital citizenship, design thinking, computer science, digital imaging, 3D animation/modeling, video editing/production and robotics ar‍‍‍e offered. Future courses such as electronics, mechatronics, engineering, fashion design, and food design are being planned.

We are enthusiastic to help our ICSU community learn and thrive using technology. If you have any questions about the technology at ICSU, please contact the Technology Director John Yoo at john.yoo@icsujb.org