To request a copy of your transcript, download the PDF fill-in form below.

International Christian School Uijeongbu


This PDF form can be filled in using a computer. Once finished, you can email the PDF form to

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The PDF form may be filled-in online, downloaded and filled-in on your computer, or printed and filled-out by hand, depending on the capabilities of your computer, software, and Internet access. A “Submit” button on the bottom of the form will require downloading the file and opening in Adobe Reader, before submitting electronically

1.     Enter your name, as the requestor, your email address, the current date, the student's name, student's date of birth, and contact information

2.     Select the year you attended ICSU, the last grade level you completed, and whether or not you graduated from ICSU.

3.     Identify the date you need the transcript, whether or not you need a paper copy, and whether or not you need an electronic copy.

4.     Paper Transcripts – To Be Mailed. In this section, enter the school/organization, physical address, and contact information (email address and phone/fax number) if you want a paper copy to be mailed. If the paper copy is for yourself, enter your personal mailing information.

5.     Electronic Transcripts – To Be Emailed. In this section, enter the school/organization and email address, if you want an electronic copy to be emailed. If the electronic copy is for yourself, enter your personal email address. Please note that most schools/organizations will not accept an electronic copy as being “official.”

6.     Transcript Fees & Shipping Cost. Electronic and paper transcript copies cost ₩10,000 KRW ($9.00 USD) per copy. To ship the paper copy, if you want an official transcript sent from ICSU to the school/organization, you must use DHL school-to-school delivery. The cost is an additional ₩35,000 KRW ($32.00 USD) per shipment. If you want the paper copy mailed to you, there is the option of “International EMS” which cost ₩35,000 KRW ($32.00 USD), or “National EMS” within Korea which costs ₩10,000 KRW ($9.00 USD). If you prefer to pick up a sealed copy from the ICSU Front Desk, then there is no shipping cost.

7.     Payment Options. ICSU offers two payment options. The first option in Korea is a wire transfer of funds in Korean won or US dollars (any wire transfer fees will be your responsibility). The second option is to pay cash in the school office.

Please allow 5 business days for processing.

If you have any questions on the use of this form or the transcript request process, or to send the PDF form, please email to:



Download: ICSU Transcript Request Form.pdf

Download: ICSU Transcript Request Form 2020.pdf