Our Staff

Our ICSU staff are citizens of several countries - United States, South Korea, Canada, Kyrgzistan, Hungary, and Mongolia. We are all Christians, dedicated to teaching children from a Biblical Worldview perspective. We are, by nature, nurturing and caring towards students.

The faculty of ICSU is comprised of certified teachers that are passionate about their work. Teachers are dedicated to the success of their students. All hold at least a bachelor’s degree, and many hold a master’s degree. Our average teachers’ and administration tenure is about seven years, which is longer than many other international schools around the world.




International Christian School Uijeongbu



We do not accept unsolicited contacts or resumes from prospective employees. All potential employees must first complete an application and undergo a vetting process at NICS. Please go to http://www.nics.org.

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The ICSU administration consist of the Head of School, Principal, and Business Manager. Others who are an important part of the administration team is the Guidance Counselor, Technology Director, Athletic Director, Member Care Director, and Front Office Secretaries.


  • BS in Pastoral Ministries, Liberty University        
  • MA in Counseling, Liberty University              
  • MA in Religion, Liberty University        


  • Association Christian School International (ACSI): Professional    “Administrative - Secondary Principal” Lifetime License
  • ACSI: Professional “Secondary School Teacher – Social Sciences and History” Lifetime License
  • ACSI:  Professional “Guidance Counselor” Lifetime License
  • ACSI:  Professional “Bible Specialist” Lifetime License

I have spent the last 26 years serving the Lord with the Network of International Christian Schools (NICS). I started in 1992 at ICSU as a middle school Bible and History teacher. After serving in Korea for about 15 months I went with Dr. Joe Hale, the president of the NICS, and a team to start a school in Indonesia. After two years Dr. Hale went to Singapore and I went to Bandung, Indonesia to develop a school there. I was in Indonesia for total of 8 years and developed a small unaccredited missionary kid school with grades 1-6 which later became a pre-school through grade 12 accredited international school (Bandung Alliance Intercultural School).

Dr. Hale called me in 2000 and asked me to go to Lima, Peru to start a school there. So in 2001, my family and I moved to Peru and started a K-12 international school (International Christian School of Lima). We were in Peru for 15 ½ years when Dr. Hale called again and asked if I would return to ICSU and help develop it as it now does not have the American military community it once had.

I love international education. We have students from around the world who come to our schools for a first class education and as a Christian school we can also share the message of salvation through Jesus Christ. Our teachers are Christian missionaries who truly love the students and are first class educators. They are licensed teachers from the US and Canada and are trained to teach third culture kids (TCKs). Our school has a loving family atmosphere where children are nurtured and cared for while teaching them to be responsible citizens.

John Havill, Head of School


  • BS in Business: Finance, Liberty University

Scott Lancaster, CFO

This is my 6th year working in international schools within our organization. I served 4 years at Brasilia International School working in the Finance Department. The last two years I served as the Finance Director. It is my privilege now to serve in this role at ICSU where I started my elementary education more than 20 years ago."


  • BA in Biblical Studies & Elementary Education, Washington Bible College      
  • MA in Educational Leadership, American College of Education        


  • Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI): Professional -All Levels Principal
  • Pennsylvania- Instructional I-Elementary K-6
  • ACSI:  Professional – Elementary K-5

I have served with the Network of International Christian Schools (NICS) for over fifteen years. I started in 1995 at Bandung Alliance Intercultural School in Bandung, Indonesia where I taught first grade and then middle school.  I then taught middle school at Buenos Aire International Christian Academy from 1998-2000.  After serving at those two NICS schools I took some time in the United States teaching in public and private schools in North Carolina and Pennsylvania.

In 2007, I joined the staff at the International Christian School of Lima in Peru as a middle school teacher. During my five years in Lima I stepped in to leadership and became the K-12 principal.  In 2012, Joe Hale, the founder of NICS, asked me to go to Batam, Indonesia to help NICS start a new school. I served as the director of the Batam school until 2014.  From 2015 until 2017 I served in the NICS world head quarters recruiting teachers for the NICS schools around the world.

I joined the team at ICSU in May of 2018 and am excited about combining my commitment to excellence in education, my passion for Christ, and my love of TCKs(Third Culture Kids) at yet another NICS school.  

Kathy McKinney, Academic Principal

Our Administration