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Academics & Student Services

The instructional program at ICSU is built upon a curricular framework that both challenges and actively engages students in their learning. That framework is based on US Common Core Standards and other US and internationally recognized learning standards. Courses are designed to strengthen students’ intellect: helping them to think critically and creatively with a distinctive biblical worldview.

Elementary School

Students in kindergarten through 5th grade are instructed in an engaging and nurturing environment that gives them the academic and moral foundation needed for ongoing growth, learning, and success. Our elementary classrooms and teachers enable students to develop their thinking skills, investigate new ideas, learn essential content, and acquire a love of learning.

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Middle School

Middle school is an important transitional stage in which students are developmentally changing. They are growing past their elementary years and becoming young men and women, maturing and preparing for an exciting and demanding adult future.  

The ICSU middle school provides a learning environment where students feel accepted and appreciated for who God made them to be, no matter how awkward or unsure they may be feeling. Our middle school is a safe, supporting place where students are free to share ideas and ask questions. It's a place where they are encouraged to express their natural enthusiasm and inquisitiveness. It’s a place where they can learn and prepare themselves for high school and beyond.

High School

ICSU offers a college-preparatory program that is focused on preparing students academically, socially, emotionally, and spiritually for success on the university level. Teachers are focused on challenging and encouraging students with an academic program thoroughly grounded in a moral, biblical worldview that prepares them well for the rigors of higher education and the demands of their chosen career.

Advanced Placement

As part of our college preparatory program, ICSU offers students the opportunity to enroll in Advanced Placement (AP) courses approved by the US College Board. These are university-level academic courses that prepare students for the rigors of higher education while also presenting the potential to earn college credits through their performance on a final examination administered by the College Board. Currently, ICSU offers six AP classes on-site, but can offer over 20 other AP classes online through our association with our NICS network sister school, NorthStar Academy.

Graduation Requirements

(Beginning Class of 2024)

Secondary students must complete the following credits, to be eligible for graduation in their senior (12th grade) year. Transfer student’s transcripts are evaluated by ICSU Administration to determine which credits will be accepted. 1 credit is the equivalent of a one-year course.

In grades 9 through 12, one credit is awarded for each one-year course successfully completed and one-half credit for one semester. A minimum of 25 credits is required for a Standard Level Diploma and 27 credits for an Honors Diploma. Additionally, the Honors Diploma requires a minimum 3.7 GPA.

Service Learning:

Students must complete 20 hours of community service each year; those seeking an Honors Diploma must complete 30 hours of community service each year.

Most of the above listed courses will be offered each year. In a few cases, course availability may depend on availability of a teacher or number of students requesting the course. In grades 9 through 12, one credit is awarded for each one-year course successfully completed and one-half credit for one semester. Students may earn .50 physical education credits for participating in two varsity sports in one year. A minimum of 25 credits is required for a Standard Level Diploma and 28 credits for an Honors Diploma (both diplomas will prepare a student for college). Students must complete 20 hours of community service each year; those seeking an Honors Diploma must complete 30 hours of community service each year.


College & University Admissions:

Refer to the current ICSU High School Profile linked below:


Download: ICSU 2023-2024 High School Profile.pdf

English Language Development

We believe every child can learn and learn well. We also believe that the inclusion of students who require language learning in our classrooms will ultimately benefit everyone. With an individualized approach, based on the internationally recognized WIDA Consortium program (World-Class Instructional Design and Assessment), our ELL teachers provide the necessary guidance and support to help our students acquire the English language skills necessary to learn well and to be academically successful at ICSU.

Special Needs Services

ICSU offers special needs services for students with mild learning disabilities. Services are assigned by our Special Needs Coordinator and are based on the assessment of a medical professional. When the school receives documentation of a learning disability from a family, our Special Needs Coordinator will create an Individualized Learning Plan (ILP) for the student and work with the student’s teachers to support the student in each of his or her classes.

Counselor Services

The K-12 school experience is a crucial time for children’s development, exploration, socialization, and preparation as they learn and mature in their journey to maturity and adulthood. The ICSU counselor acts as an advocate and guide in supporting the academic, career, social-emotional, and spiritual development of students throughout their entire school experience.

College & Career Counseling

The ICSU counseling program recognizes that every student is unique with their own set of abilities and interests. With that in mind, our counselor will assist high school students in researching, choosing, and applying to those schools that will likely be a best fit for them. The school uses the internationally established Cialfo online platform to manage students’ college search and admissions process. It is our goal that each student’s experience with the college application process will be an efficient one that is valuable, rewarding, and successful.

Child Safeguarding

ICSU takes its responsibility to protect and nurture every child entrusted to our care, very seriously. The protection of children is the responsibility of every adult in our building, and our staff is trained to conduct themselves with integrity and professionalism at all times in their relationship with and treatment of children. We are intentional about establishing a safe, positive, and nurturing environment for children, protecting and safeguarding them to the highest standards possible.


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